Emotions Peg Dolls

Emotions Peg Dolls

Nurture your child’s emotional education

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Empower your child with the ability to recognise and understand emotions through our emotions peg doll educational resource. This thoughtfully designed toy combines play and learning to create a powerful tool for emotional development.

Emotion recognition made easy: With seven charming peg dolls representing a range of emotions, this amazing resource enables children to visually identify and connect with various feelings. Each peg doll serves as a friendly guide to navigating the complex world of emotions. Each peg doll also has the emotion spelt out on the back to teach children word recognition.

Interactive learning experience: Allows children to identify their feelings and actively engage in the learning process. By selecting the appropriate peg doll and placing it into the corresponding slot, children actively express and communicate their own emotions, fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Promoting empathy and social skills: Through play, children develop empathy as they learn to recognise and understand not only their own emotions but also the feelings of others. This resource encourages discussions and role-playing, allowing children to explore different scenarios and perspectives, enhancing their social skills and fostering compassionate connections.

Language development: As children engage with the peg dolls and communicate their emotions, they naturally expand their emotional vocabulary. This boosts their language skills, enabling them to articulate their feelings with greater precision and clarity, fostering effective communication and self-expression.

Encouraging self-reflection and regulation: Our emotions peg dolls provides a platform for children to reflect on their emotions and explore strategies for emotional regulation. By identifying and expressing their feelings in a safe and supportive environment, children develop valuable skills to manage and cope with their emotions constructively.

Sustainable and high-quality: Crafted with care, our emotions peg doll resource is made from FSC certified, high-quality hoop pine. We use durable materials to withstand countless play sessions.

Foster emotional intelligence and elevate your child's emotional journey. Watch as they blossom into empathetic individuals with a deep understanding of their own feelings and those of others. Empower your child and order your emotions peg dolls today!

For ages 3+
This product contains small parts and may pose a choking hazard. Please ensure adult supervision at all times when children are interacting with this game.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cass Graham
Emotions Pegs Dolls

These are gorgeous! So well made, absolutely perfect for letting children explore and explain their emotions without needing words.

Every child should have a set of these dolls

I purchased four sets of dolls and will be ordering more. They are wonderful to help my toddler express his feelings, and are perfect gifts for several of his friends. Beautifully made and presented in their own canvas bag. Highly recommend.

Leonie Mathie

It is imperative that we start early in enabling our little people to have an outlet to share with us how they are feeling, the 'Emotion Peg Dolls', do just that. Simply Ingenious.