A mother-daughter duo unleashing our creative magic for the joy of mums everywhere!

Cooee! We are Ellen (the mum) and Jess (the daughter). We live a busy but vibrant life on our sheep and cattle farm in Gunning, NSW, with our hubbies and Jess two beautiful girls, Lilly and Hannah.

Our story is primarily one of creativity. It started with a few metres of fabric we designed and printed for our kids clothing line inspired by Lilly and Hannah. As passionate Aussies and nature lovers, we found it extremely frustrating to see most baby clothes made in China and adorned with foxes, deer and rabbits, which are all pests in our country.

We didn't quite realise at the time that this would lead us to a fully fledged business! But unlike other kids brands, our story is a little different, because it is fuelled by our passion to get creative.

You can't use up creativity!

The more you use, the more you have!

Our journey began with Jess and her two adorable little girls when they were just babies. But as they grew and their needs evolved, we discovered that our business (and we ourselves) craved more variety. You see, for creative souls like us, sticking to just one thing is a tough ask. That's why we've embraced our boundless creativity over the years, and what a thrilling ride it has been!

Today, our offerings go way beyond clothing. We've ventured into the enchanting world of hand-printed homewares to add personality to your abode, whimsical earrings that instantly uplift your style game, and educational resources and toys that ignite the spark of curiosity in young minds! The possibilities are endless, and we're thrilled to explore them all.

We want our products to enrich your life.

As fellow mums, we get the everyday struggles you face - the demands of family life, feeling like you've lost your identity, wanting to do the very best for your kids from their learning to the clothes they wear.

That's why we design every product with you in mind, and we test them with our families. Because if it's something that helps us, we are confident it will help you too.

We want our products to be that little piece of bliss in your every day life. Whether that's having a beautiful Australian tea towel to make your kitchen feel more welcoming. Or literacy resources to help make your little one's learning fun. Or a bright pair of earrings to put a pep in your step.

We've got you Mummas!

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