One of our greatest pleasures is being able to donate and support others

It is our privilege to work our charity parterns to help make a difference. We are so grateful to our customers who support us through sales so we can give back.

Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust

Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust is located at Peak Hill, 2 hours south of Canberra in NSW’s sub-alpine region.  It is made up of three properties – Hammer’s Hill Wildlife Sanctuary (780 acres), Kalandan Wildlife Sanctuary (890 acres) and Irwin’s Corner Wildlife Sanctuary (140 acres). 

Until the devastating bush fires of 2020 summer the sanctuaries were home to koalas and vulnerable wildlife species like the squirrel glider and Rosenberg’s goanna, and possibly greater gliders and spotted-tail quolls. Tragically Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust was almost completely burnt out during last summer’s bushfires. In addition to this tragedy, a Hercules C130 aerial tanker crashed at the site which resulted in the death of three US airmen who were protecting Two Thumbs. An RFS member himself, owner James Fitzgerald lost his home, sheds and other accommodation.  Sadly all of the animal enclosures were burnt to the ground and the animals in Two Thumbs’ care also perished.

James is now rebuilding Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust. Bandiute is excited and privileged to help through building awareness and donating proceeds from sales of our Little Aussies range. Aside from supporting Two Thumbs, Bandicute is also charity partners with Hive Aid or Tandum.

James Fitzgerald Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust

Hive Aid

Australia’s professional beekeepers are our forgotten farmers who have suffered greatly through long periods of drought and more recently bushfires. Bees play a vital role in pollinating our food crops for both humans and livestock.  Without bees we would not survivie. During periods of drought trees do not flower as much, causing many honey bees to either stop producing honey or pollinating.  The extensive bushfires have devastated large areas of flowering eucalypts and destroyed many bee hives.

Bandicute is thrilled to support our “littlest livestock” and the beekeepers who care for them through donating to HiveAid, an initiative of Rural Aid. We are donating proceeds from sales of our Bee Collection and hope to raise awareness of this problem. Aside from supporting Hive Aid, Bandicute is also partners with Two Thumbs, and Tandum.

bee keepers with bee hive

Tandum – Girls Deserve Dignity

Tandum works in partnership with communities, school and women/youth groups to see positive outcomes for people. Bandicute has been a partner of Tandum for almost 3 years.  Through the sale of each Shibori scarf a reusable sanitary kit is donated to a girl in Kenya, allowing her to go to school and live her life with dignity and poise. To date our scarf sales have provided enough kits for four schools, over 200 girls in total. Our next school will be rolled out in September 2020. Tandum incorporate education programs with each rollout remove the stigma in the community surrounding menstruation.

Due to drought Bandicute is no longer able to dye scarves for Tandum as the process uses too much water. However we are working on some new and exciting proposals so we can continue supporting this wonderful program.  So stayed tune.  In the meantime, check out our other partners Hive Aid and Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust.

Tandum Girls Deserve Dignity recipients

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