About us


We are Ellen and Jess, Mother and daughter, printmakers, designers, seamstresses, artists and entrepreneurs! We love to bring our creativity to life on baby and children’s clothing! The clothing you will find in our range is 100% unique to our brand, designed from scratch using our own hands, hearts and ideas. We value ethically made, sustainable, one of a kind, comfortable and above all, made to the highest quality.

Fun facts about us!


1. I am a hopeless farmer’s wife – I take chickens to the vet.
2. My impulsiveness lands me in hot water sometimes.  I once ended up under hotel arrest in Ho Chi Mihn without a passport.  Thankfully it all ended well.
3. Longevity prevails on my mother’s side of the family.  Her mother was over 100 when she died and her grandmother was the oldest woman in Holland who died when she was 107.
4. From a young age I have found 4 leaf clovers, even when just strolling along.
5. I always wanted 4 children and after marrying I now do along with 11 grandchildren.  I consider myself blessed.


1. I once walked 100km in 24 hours for Oxfam. I nearly didn’t make it…. in fact 4 of my toe nails didn’t make it….I can pretty safely say I will never do that again!
2. I am an earring addict. The funkier the better.
3. In 2018 I only bought second hand clothing (besides underwear!) for a whole year. It has completely transformed the way I shop and what I wear so I am continuing to do it indefinitely! Give it a try, it is great for the environment and actually easier than you would think.
4. My family is everything to me. Living in the country with all of my loved ones is total bliss to me.
5. My kids like to listen to Disney soundtracks in the car and I secretly love it and know all the words.

How did we get here?

As two creative chicks we spent MANY years pondering business ideas.  We knew we wanted to do something together, and we started brainstorming ideas which never seemed to come to fruition. Ellen had developed a love for printmaking over the years, and Jess had completed her degree in Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle, but just couldn’t quite figure out what to do next. Sometimes the stars align and after so many years of talking about it we finally just did it. We had just moved to our rural property in Gunning NSW and living so close together was the perfect basis to start from. So we whipped out the sewing machines, designed and ordered our first fabric range, and starting making.


Why children’s clothing?

Well, because let’s face it, everything in miniature is cuter! Jess’ daughters Lilly and Hannah were the inspiration behind the idea, having found it so difficult to find Australian clothing that wasn’t all the same, was ethically made and wasn’t so “girly”.  Who says girls can’t wear sharks and dinosaurs? This is the reason most of our releases are designed to be unisex, but above all FUN! Because we believe life should be fun, and kids want to have fun. They don’t want to wear boring clothing!

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